African Schools Empowerment Technology is a South African Non-Profit Organisation registered with the Dept. Social Services. We are a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO).

Children in African schools’ rural schools lag far behind their urban counterparts in ICT Skills. They have little or no access to ICT Literacy programs. They, from a very young age are not made aware of the importance of possessing 21C ICT Skills that are required to work and function in a 21C Global horizon. They are also unaware of the career opportunities in the ICT field and the high earning potential. This can be attributed to a diverse range of reasons. There is not one single cause but rather a combination of all of these below. 

Lack of Internet Infrastructure and services
-The problem is that very few of our poorest schools have access to the devices, skills and internet bandwidth needed to provide any form of ICT education.

Lack of resources and services
-No financial resources to purchase low-cost student devices or computers

Lack of Teacher Training
Teachers find it difficult to motivate learners in ICT when they themselves lack confidence and training in these areas

Lack of credible providers of structured coding programs
-Commercial Providers of these programs have no financial incentive to introduce these programs in rural schools. The onus falls on government and nonprofits to drive them in rural schools.

All of these issues need to be tackled together and a single turnkey solution needs to be provided. 

Our sole mission is to mobilize funding to drive programs in these schools with the sole purpose of narrowing the digital divide that exists between urban privileged schools and rural underprivileged. Our programs will tackle the following:

Internet Connectivity
-To this end we have developed a low-cost offline model to introduce technology that is not internet dependent into schools in these areas, Low-cost Offline servers pre-loaded with DBE content as well as other educational resources such as Khan Academy and coding games and programs will be installed to tackle these challenges.

Teacher Training
-We are aware and understand that Teachers are the primary influencers of learners. We have developed 4 different ICT programs to upskill Teachers. The programs are accredited by SACE (South African Council on Education) These programs not only increase their confidence, but they also earn professional development points on completion of programs (CPTD)

Coding Programs and Learner Resources
We have 2 coding programs developed by leading American universities that is aimed at teaching learners coding from early ages. They are developed to run-on low-cost android devices or chrome books while connected to the offline servers. They do not require internet connectivity.


These programs require funding in order to run them. Please donate to this worthy cause.Sponsoring is easy through our shop

Section 18 PBO certificates will be issued to all donors for SARS tax purposes.

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